Thursday, March 13, 2014

South side of Carter Lake
 So its been some great weather here for a late winter. Been able to squeeze in a couple days of bouldering. Lucky me. Here are some shots of the a couple of classic areas around Boulder, Carter Lake, and Castle Rock up in Boulder Canyon.

Nice lowballs to warm up
 Carter Lake, although shunned by many, is a gem for the moderate climber. Many classic problems in the v-easy to v-6 range. And the views are awesome.
Mike Fresh on the Little Debbie Boulder, crazy windy that day, but this boulder offered great solstice.

Old Friend Curt Frye giving this one a great run for it's money.

Kane giving Sloper Chief a burn.

Trixie enjoying late sun at the Mars Traverse.
Chris on the not so obvious finish of the Mars Traverse.

 These great landings, and perfect winter exposure, make for a great day of relaxed, albeit tiring day. 

From the high desert, to the foothills, a completely different setting, Castle Rock. With the newly excavated landing, the Acrobatic Hang area is a great stop on the Bo Can tour.

Matty T on the not so warm up warm ups.
Just a perfect day.

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