Sunday, January 11, 2015

Good times in Eldo

 Eldorado Canyon. By far my favorite place to climb. I can always rely on Steve to accompany me. Guaranteed good adventure and laughs. Weather looked dicey, but as many times before. Perfect temps on sticky rock. I

Havin fun Super Arete. Great rock. Eat or be Eatin is a great route to the left as well.

Steve in his element. Face climbing in Eldo. Steve onsight 5.12 in the gym. And is more than happy to cruise 5.10 in Eldo.

Till next weekend. Always get out.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Stuff that I like


It seems that the Blog world sort of lost its rage about a year ago. Not sure what happened, but I guess most Blog entries were stail, and if not getting paid, keeping the thing valid, and vibrant is alot of work. Just putting out there to the world what you think is important can be scary.

Is what I'm doing really that cool. From cooking to climbing, each subject has interesting points. But if not conveyed in an interesing style, neither the reader, nor the blogger will stay interested for long.

So in that spirit, lets publish some post. I'll still focus on mediocre imagery, taken with equipment that shall all cost under $100.00. But lets hope to add some better story telling, and be a bit more creative. Heres some old photos. Some randoms ans some Eldo classis. Would like to repeat the routes I once did.

Me with hair

Wayne Crill at the Primo Wall. Keep on pullin for Wayne. We love you man.  

Little Bella

Bella and Momma

Thursday, March 13, 2014

South side of Carter Lake
 So its been some great weather here for a late winter. Been able to squeeze in a couple days of bouldering. Lucky me. Here are some shots of the a couple of classic areas around Boulder, Carter Lake, and Castle Rock up in Boulder Canyon.

Nice lowballs to warm up
 Carter Lake, although shunned by many, is a gem for the moderate climber. Many classic problems in the v-easy to v-6 range. And the views are awesome.
Mike Fresh on the Little Debbie Boulder, crazy windy that day, but this boulder offered great solstice.

Old Friend Curt Frye giving this one a great run for it's money.

Kane giving Sloper Chief a burn.

Trixie enjoying late sun at the Mars Traverse.
Chris on the not so obvious finish of the Mars Traverse.

 These great landings, and perfect winter exposure, make for a great day of relaxed, albeit tiring day. 

From the high desert, to the foothills, a completely different setting, Castle Rock. With the newly excavated landing, the Acrobatic Hang area is a great stop on the Bo Can tour.

Matty T on the not so warm up warm ups.
Just a perfect day.