Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flagstaff trash bash

Great time, friendly foke, funny story.

So lunch break I go to flag bouldering, checking out new areas, i go to an area across the street from nook rocks. mostly warm-ups, really nice rocks. i get bored and venture further east, and theres ghetto like slots w/ some chalk on them.. Pretty cool. What I really notice is all the trash, close to a 100 cans and botles, well i need to get back to work, so i plan on hitting up the area later that dat for the FTB.

Whew, long story, So I head back up w/ Casey and Bella later that night for the festivities, we go on a little hike to get this trash, as i get to the area theres 5-8 upper teens partying, beers guitar, some of my favorite things. the fam stays behind a bit, while i scramble down to clean up abit.

Now the fun part, as i'm cleaning up, party folk start to slide there empty cans down the slots, and heckly me, something about heres anickel, hers a dime, then they chuck a empty case box of
mgd at me.

Well, i'm hot a bit dirty and a bit pissed, here i am cleaning trash up for the good of man, and these punx are showering me, thinking i'm collecting them for some maddog. I storm up the slab, 5.2 x chimneying, i see in there eyes there scared at what i'm gonna do, then a pine branch rips ahole in my bag and lets go 3 bottles, as they smash down the slope, like hundreds had before, we all met eyes.

I could almost see they felt bad for me. I almost got mad, then I laughed it off, and said, "Hey, we all gotta litter sometimes." They looked at me like I was a bit crazy, and then stuffed my already packed plastic bag w/ empties. And thanked me for cleaning up. As I looked at them, I really saw myself in them, and that is how social conscience is made, usually through mistakes. We're punx at heart, but we need to do our part to keep these lands open to do whatever makes us happy.


Patrick said...

attaboy murph, family man has to be socially responsible!

but begs the question,
did the punks at least give you a beer?

kevin Murphy said...

no, but i tried to bum a smoke. i got denied. hey pat, hope all is well..

Patrick said...

damn kids, no respect for their elders
certainly isabella will be raised to bum smokes and beers freely

doin good, hung over from the butholesurfers show last night