Friday, January 9, 2015


It seems that the Blog world sort of lost its rage about a year ago. Not sure what happened, but I guess most Blog entries were stail, and if not getting paid, keeping the thing valid, and vibrant is alot of work. Just putting out there to the world what you think is important can be scary.

Is what I'm doing really that cool. From cooking to climbing, each subject has interesting points. But if not conveyed in an interesing style, neither the reader, nor the blogger will stay interested for long.

So in that spirit, lets publish some post. I'll still focus on mediocre imagery, taken with equipment that shall all cost under $100.00. But lets hope to add some better story telling, and be a bit more creative. Heres some old photos. Some randoms ans some Eldo classis. Would like to repeat the routes I once did.

Me with hair

Wayne Crill at the Primo Wall. Keep on pullin for Wayne. We love you man.  

Little Bella

Bella and Momma

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