Saturday, June 30, 2012

Its been a while...

Its been a rather uneventful Spring. The Vegas trip was the highlight. Right now I'm laid up again, foot in  a cast after Surgery. My ankle is a pain in my own but. Hard to judge this time around. Hoping for the best. Cast is coming off Tuesday, then  a walking boot. Damn. Start taking some pics and lowend vid, once I get into a walking boot. Thats it for now. Hope everyone has great adventures this summer. This Fall is going to be another  building season, hopefully this surgery will allow me to boulder again. I miss keeping it simple, and a great way to get back into shape.

 @ the gym with Bella
 Bob Weir Show
 And here we go again.
 Not real happy about das foot.
 Then the cast.
 Ryder, Bella, and Kaiden.
Oh yeah....

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