Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sport Routes on The Slab

The Slab in the Flatirons has had quite a makeover. With help from the FlatIrons Climbing councils, an ambitious few have put a charge back into Boulder sport climbing. This long climb is named Pen 15, 5.13b. When I was up there I saw Matt Samet and Ted Lanzano red point it. And even more impressive feat was watching Paul Glover barely miss the red point, BAREFOOT. Matt on the RP

Cropped pictute, looses res. You get the idea.

Ted on the RP.

Ben Walburn on Undertow, 5.12b

Its great to see new routes put in at such a beautiful area.

I'd also like to personally thank Boulder Open Space for allowing this rejuvenation to take place.

Till next time..

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