Saturday, August 1, 2009

No post, is no post.

Been along time since i've posted anything, duh. Although I was climbing a fair amount, then took a vaca tp upstate Michigan. HELLO. Lots of fishing, drinking and smoking cigs, yes you can smoke cigs in the bars there, terrible for your health, great for personel decision.

I'll post some footage of some vid I took up at Bell Buttress. Going to the Ghetto today, get some fitness back, then back to Bell for a few sessions, then Eldo should be coming into season. Really want to tick off some of the classics that have thwarted me in the past. Stay tuned for more exciting RockyPhotos.

Here are a couple of pics Dan Libbers? took of my buddy Chris Banks. Suprised they never made the mags. And a pic of Redgarden wall.

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