Thursday, November 27, 2008

Flatirons Bouldering

This time of year is made for the Flatirons. Here are few pics of an area near the Matron, near Shadow Canyon. 10 or so problems really close to each other.


Peter N. Jones said...

I agree, we have been having some great days in the Flatirons. Here is another area further north: bouldering near Fern Canyon in the Flatirons.

sock hands said...

word, kevin. i got to check out some of this stuff for the first time w/ andy a couple sunday's ago... most everything was wet, but we found some dry rock and put up a few additional lines in the vicinity of the stuff that was already cleaned and done. if interested, get mr. mann to show you to the goods, though not nearly as classic as the previously established lines.

kevin Murphy said...

thanks sock, I'll have to ring up "da mann". Nice area, need more